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Improvement Project

Your home may be your most precious financial asset


Custom Design

Luxury house plan Interiors


Interior Design

Design services, from concept to completion

A Great Space To Grow Up In
Built by Triton

Kid's rooms designed to last from kindergarten to collage.
Childhood memories are complex melange of fleeting impressions: dreaming heroic dreams; hugging a teddy bear; stashing a secret diary or collection of special treasures; entertaining an invisible friend. The place that holds the best of these is the "room" - as in "go to room".

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The Heart Of Your Home
Media - Articles
Built by Triton

Bring warmth, comfort and intimacy to a home of any size - focusing on rich colours, patterns and personal enjoyment. In this busy world, people want their homes to be relaxing. The days of neutral beige-on-beige environments are over. Now, people want colour and character to create a home that is warm and welcoming. Whether building from the ground up, renovating or redecorating - whether your style is traditional or modern - personal comfort should be your priority.

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Making The Most Of The Nature
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Built by Triton

Create the ideal country getaway emphasizing the natural surroundings. Ensuring that architecture respects the natural landscape is important in any locations, but it's especially true to country residence - a place where you go to get in touch with the great outdoors and enjoy a refreshing break from city life. Recently designed and decorated a lakeside retreat in the Ontario resort region of Muskoka.

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Triton's Tips

Building Permits & Approvals
A Building Permit is your formal permission from the City of Toronto to begin construction, demolition, addition or renovation on your property.

Get fresh ideas on new materials, designs and fixtures that you can incorporate into your new home. Visit our Gallery.

1996 Toronto Building Of The Year Award Winners. 48 Young Street.
Preferred suppliers: Triton General Contractors - Complete construction services specializing in custom interior finishes.

Triton General Contractors